New ‘Monster High’ dolls for 2014… or before!


Frightfully Fun! Monster High has some new dolls and playsets coming out this holiday season. The official release dates are in January, but they usually appear sometime in November or December. You might be able to score some of these before the holidays.

My daughter adores Monster High. Her collection is… well… massive. But more are coming. Soon we should see the Frights, Camera, Action dolls. These dolls will be featured characters in the Spring 2014 DVD release of the “Frights, Camera, Action” movie.

Monster-high-comicon-2 Monster-high-comicon-1

First we have Clawdia Wolf. I’m assuming she is the sister of Clawd, Clawdeen, and Howleen…



Next up we have Honey Swamp



 Vamperine Gorgon is up next…



Finally, Elissabat


Also coming soon are the Monster High Art Class dolls. Of course, as an art teacher, I personally love these.

It looks like there is a Draculaura painting set, an Abbey ice sculpture set, a Robecca metal working set, and a Skelita pottery set (with kiln.)


There is also going to be a Home Ick Classroom set.   I believe there will also be an art class classroom set.

Also, adding to the ever increasing number of boy figures is Slo Mo.  He’s from the Ghoul Spirit line.



There are other dolls coming out in the Ghoul Spirit and Coffin Bean lines, but they are previously released dolls in a different outfit.

Like I stated above, I am not 100% sure they will make it out before the holidays, but keep your eyes peeled! They have come out early in the past and there is a good chance some of these beauties could hit the shelves in time for this holiday season.

In the meantime, check places like Amazon for great deals on Monster High dolls!