Casta Fierce! New Monster High Doll. She’s out!

Casta Fierce Box Art

So I got this for my daughter’s birthday next month.  I can’t take her out of the box…yet.  I will get more photos then.  For now I have a ton of pictures of the doll in box.

First of all Casta Fierce is out!  I was surprised because I was thinking next month was her release date (Amazon said September 22 on the one listing).  So hit the stores and the internet.  She is out!

Here is the front of her box.   I love the giant image of her ont he bottom.  They use the orange, green and purple throughout the box design.

IMG_0142  IMG_0155


The back of her box has a large illustration of Casta with her bio information.   She is 19 and is the Daughter of Circe and her BFF’s are Catty Noir and Operetta. The photos will show you more, but it does say:

Once a year on All Hallows Eve, Casta Fierce and her band perform a concert.  It is the most exclusive ticket in the monster world, and this year they have chosen Monster High as their concert venue.

IMG_0143    IMG_0144

Let’s look at the doll herself.  I like her, she has the normal colors you would expect for a “Halloween” or “witch” type doll. She has the pale green skin and the oranges, purples and blacks.   That carries over into her eyes and face.  Her eyes are purple with a green design and her eye make-is orange and purple.

Her hair is very long–black with an orange and a purple stripe.  Her dress is orange at the top with puffed sleeves then it gradates into purple.  Splatterings of purple glitter are into the orange as well.   There is an outer black “caging” over the puffed sleeves to give it an edgier look.  Mid thigh the dress fans out into a black, glittered fishtale type skirt.  This is accented with a belt.   Loving the way they tie in the traditional Halloween style “witch” elements into this.  I do worry about the amount of glitter on her dress.  Wondering if that will be all over.  Time will tell.

IMG_0154   IMG_0158


Her Broom is actually the microphone stand.  The top of the handle has the holder and there are black and orange ribbons coming off of the broom.  I love that they added buckles to the ribbons as well.

IMG_0146   IMG_0150


I see behind her is book, but it looks like a promotional poster and says “One Night Only At Monster High”



The last thing I am going to mention is her shoes.  They continue he metal look with the studs and straps.  Purple heeled boots with a buckle across it.



Be on the look out for her.   I will post more pictures of her out of the box after we get her open!


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