Christian Bale offered $50 million to be Batman again?!


Holy Bat-bucks, Batman!

It looks like Christian Bale could take home a Bruce Wayne-sized paycheck to don the cowl again in a Justice League flick (and probably Batman vs. Superman or Superman vs. Batman… or whatever.)

The Press Association writes…

Christian Bale has reportedly been offered 50 million dollars (£32 million) to reprise his role as Batman in the Justice League film.

Warner Bros has begun production on a Justice League movie, a DC Comics Avengers-style ensemble film with superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern uniting to fight evil powers.

Christian – who played Bruce Wayne, aka the Caped Crusade, in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy – recently said in an interview he had had “enough” of the role.

But new eBook Beyond Batman: The Unauthorised True Story of Christian Bale and His Dark Knight Dilemma by Vincent Russel has quoted a source from Legendary Pictures saying the studio is determined to get him on board.

The insider said: “Why would Christian Bale walk away from what is certainly going to be either the first or second highest grossing movie in the history of cinema?

“He could probably make 50 million dollars for being in the movie 20 minutes. And it would be worth every penny to the studio.”

The book added: “Sources close to Christian Bale have reportedly begun expressing their suspicions that Bale now views the Batman films in the same light that Robert Downey Jr views the Iron Man films.”

So it looks like I spoke a little too soon when I was speculating on who the next Batman would be. More news to come, I’m sure.

[via the Press Association]


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