Daughter’s New Disney Princess Bedroom

disney princess castle fat head wall mural bedroom

We spent the past weekend re-decorating both of our kids bedrooms.  These were meant to be a big surprise and the kids loved them!  We did our son’s room in Minecraft and our daughter’s room in Disney Princesses.

Her room was mostly used for storage and she stayed with her brother.  She has been begging for her room to be opened up for her and we obliged.

It started out pink and yellow with some Disney princess vinyls we got from Walmart a few years ago.  They are nice vinyls but not the same quality as the Fat Head ones.  They are worth the money.



We started by painting the large wall a lighter blue ( Baby Boy Blue.)  Then we painted the other walls Bubblegum Pink.



Before we started the renovation, my father was awesome and built my daughter a platform bed with storage drawers and 2 large book shelves.  I used spray adhesive and scrapbook paper on the bottom 4 shelves.  I then  used Mod Podge over the paper to seal it.

After the shelves were installed, I used the bottom 4 shelves as an American Girl “house” to store her toys off of the floor.

You can see the beautiful bed my Father built.  The trim on the drawers is ceiling molding.  (This is before the mattress was added.)  Behind the bed you can see some of the vinyls that came with the Fat Head package we chose.


I found this great fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics called Bud Striped Pink and I made curtains (supported by tension rods) and used the scraps to make her a doll blanket for her American Girl Doll Bed.

jo-ann fabrics disney princess room

On the Blue Wall my husband painted a mural and we added a Disney Princess Castle Fat Head. Check retailmenot.com  From time to time they get coupon codes.

The castle came with  a bunch of princess vinyls as well.  We didn’t realize this when we purchased it.  For the money you get a LOT with this choice and if you have Shop Runner you get free shipping too.

fat head disney princess castle belle ariel cinderella aurora tiana

Here is the finished wall mural/ vinyl image.  You can see in the above image that the vinyl cuts off in the rocks.  My husband painted the mural to match and made it go to the floor.

disney princess castle fat head wall mural bedroom

The white chair came from an antique outlet.  My Father stripped it, painted it, and put it back together.  My Mother made a gorgeous tufted cushion for on top.

Our daughter is thrilled!  Her room is looking much better than it did and she can use it.