For the Love of Howl


I am a huge fan of Howl’s Moving Castle and I adore both the book and the movie.  I decided to take a trip around to see what glorious bounty I could uncover.

Let’s start with this great Wall Cling.  I LOVE this and I might have to get one for my room.

Sophie and Calcifer– 29.99 (they also have Totoro and other characters)

If you would like something to wear you can purchase t-shirts (I might need one of the bleach ones)

Turnip Head 20.00

Calcifer Bleach Shirt 20.00


Howl’s Moving Castle $25.00


Howl’s Moving Castle (color) 16.99

I really like this necklace


They have some Scrabble Tile necklaces as well.

Here is an example


There are posters, prints, phone covers, and so much more.  You can also find things on Amazon and Ebay and has a bunch of Howl shirts (Ghibli in general)   Now, I have to buy myself some of these.


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