Monster High Gooliope Jellington Doll Review!


Monster High has a couple of new doll lines this year and one of them if the Freak du Chic line. One of the things we were most excited about was the 17″ tall doll Gooliope Jellington. We got a doll and we are taking a look at her!

Here is a video review…

First of all let’s compare the size of Gooliope with the size of a regular Monster High doll (in this case Catty Noir)  This gives you an idea about how large she really is.


They do bend her knees to keep the doll box small enough to fit on the shelves easier.

Let’s take a look at her in the box

Gooliope Jellington Freak du Chic – Monster High

Back of the box.  It talks about her style and likes.  I noticed the part about her making her clothes from things she finds around the Freak du Chic, which would explain the tent fabric on her dress, her carousel shoes, and the pipes (calliope like) in her hair.



Now we get her out of the box.  The “diary” looks older, and the pages are more yellowed.  It eludes to her being sent to the Freak du Chic so she could be where she would be seen for her loving heart and not her size.  Signed by “RS.”  It says she was experiment 816.

The doll stand is massive to accommodate her larger stature.  Here she is next to last years #SDCC 2014 Special Edition Monster High dolls, Manny Taur, and Iris Clops.  Manny Taur seemed to be the largest doll prior to Gooliope’s release.



Here is a close up of her face.  Her eyes seem to have a radioactive symbol painted in them (you could also see it on the picture showcased on the back of the box)  I love her eye lashes too.  If you look at her neck piece closely you can see the 816 (her experiment number) engraved on it.



If you notice she is molded to appear like she is melting or that she is made of a drippy substance.  Even her ears look like the are melting.  The dress seems to be made from various types of fabric, which reflects what she said about her style on the back of the box.  There is that nuclear symbol again.


My favorite part of this doll has to be her shoes!  They look like skeletal carousel horses!  They are fangtastic!


Finally, I love her hair piece.  It looks like parts of an old pipe organ or calliope.


This doll is full of awesome detail and her price is fantastic!  She is 29.99!!!!  Regular dolls will run up around 21.99-24.99 so she is not much more expensive.   She won’t break the bank.

We got ours from Amazon

FYI the High School is out!!

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