Mia’s Journal: Entry #96

Diary of a Teenaged Girl

December 26

Christmas was great!  I got the laptop I wanted, and slippers,and an imusic card.  Grandma and Grandpa gave me a pretty necklace.  It’s the one I saw in the antique shop when I was shopping with Grandpa a few weeks ago.   I wonder who it belonged to?  I wonder what it has witnessed and where it has been?

Speaking of Grandpa, he looks a bit pale, I hope he isn’t starting to get sick again.  He was eating well and laughing like he normally does, but his color was off.  


Tomorrow I am going to see Connie and Molly for a bit.  We are going to go to the movies.  I have to give them their gifts, and Mom had a bunch of cookies she wants me to give them.  I think it’s her way of getting rid of them because she was complaining that she gained five pounds since Thanksgiving.  

Mia White
Age 15