Mia’s Journal: Entry #98

Diary of a Teenaged Girl

December 30

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.  I can’t believe another year has flown by!  I will be 16 next year!   


Mom sold a house today so we went out to celebrate.  I hope it is a sign that this year will be amazing!


I’m working on my resolutions.  

  1. Try not to be so shy.
  2. Try to be happier for Connie.  I mean, I am happy for her, but I feel left out sometimes  I want to not be that way.
  3. Learn to drive.  Of course this won’t be until later in the year when I turn 16.  I just want to add it because I’m so excited about it!
  4. TRY to be nicer to Michael.  Mom said that maybe if I am nicer to him he will probably stop trying to drive me crazy.  I hope she’s right!


That’s all I have for now.  Maybe I will come up with more before tomorrow night.


I’m going to go to Molly’s house tomorrow for her family party.  Her family is so much fun!

Mia White
Age 15