Monster High Inner Monster Doll Review–Spooky Sweet’n Frightfully Fierce

MH Inner Monster Monster High

We ordered one of the Monster High Inner Monsters from Amazon (all 3 are here)

My daughter liked the Spooky Sweet’n Frightfully Fierce one the best so we went with that one.

Here she is in box (front and back)


While the doll is boxed you can push on her brain through the top and see her eyes change.  Each time you push down it will change to one of 3 “looks”

100_2859 100_2860 100_2861

This feature is really neat.  My daughter loves it!

When you open the box you can see all the “parts”


After we removed the doll and parts we took off the dress to try out the “emoticons” inside.  There are 8 in this set (a shoe, tooth, cupcake heart, bow, lips, and 2 skullettes (one pink/yellow and one blue/purple)


To be honest, the sides don’t come off as easily as I thought they would.  That might get better the longer she plays with it.   I had to take them off for her.

There are a few holes in the inner skeleton that you can attach the “icons” to.  My daughter keeps wanting to change them out.

Then we dressed her back up and put her hair on.  It attaches to the back of the head with 2 rubber pegs.

There are 2 belt/wing accessory pieces.   One is a set of pink wings that attach over the should and around the waist.    The second set are peacock feathers that attach around the waist.   Then there is a removable mask that snaps on and off.

100_2858          100_2857


The feathers are in 3 parts so the sides can be moved in or out for more or less plumage.

100_2876 100_2875

She also comes with a second set of shoes (these are purple with feathers) and a Skullette bag.

There is also a Journal.  It is neat because the journal is blank so you can write your own!

100_2890    100_2891

I am showing my age but this doll reminds me a bit of the Princess of Power line if you combined Peek-a-blue and Double Trouble.  It also reminds me of the Masters of the Universe Roboto toy.  That isn’t a bad thing!

I like the eye change, but I am not really understanding the point of the little icons, but my daughter thought they were fun and it is neat to open it up.    It adds another level of play.

If you are interested they are on Amazon. [LINK]



Just a note.  At the time this article posted they have the pictures reversed on the Spooky Sweet’n Frightfully Fierce and the Scared Silly ‘n Shockingly Shy dolls.  The octopus one is the Scared Silly and the one in this review is the Spooky Sweet.


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