SHOPKINS — Our Daughter LOVES These Things!


My daughter just had her Birthday party yesterday and Thom’s cousin Doug, and his wife, Melissa were able to score her a few packs of Shopkins.  Since they only seem to be available at Target, Toys-R-Us, and Amazon, we couldn’t get them here because we don’t have a Target or Toys-r-us.  These wonderful little figures are from Moose Toys.

She was Thrilled!  There are 148 to Collect.  They rated by rarity on the booklet.  They have a white dot if they are common.  A green one means Rare, Pink dot means Ultra Rare and Blue means Special Edition.  They are further divided up by catagories:  Fruit &Veg, Pantry, Bakery, Sweet Treats, Dairy, Party Food, Health & Beauty, Frozen, and Limited Edition.

shopkins booklet

They come in packs and each one has a shopping bag.  There is a surprise one is each package as well.   Our daughter got the 5 packs, but they also come in 2 packs and a 12 pack

Shopkins 5 pack
</iframe>Shopkins 2 pack

Shopkins 12 pack

Before she got these she already knew all about these from the episodes of “Meet the Shopkins” on their website.

Here are the ones she got for her Birthday (minus one or two I couldn’t find at the time of the photo)

IMG_0252  IMG_0258

They each come with a shopping bag so we have a lot of them here.  You can put them in the bags.


 Season 2 is now out! These are on Pink Cards.

They have several playsets

Fruit/Veg Stand                   Bakery Stand                     Small Mart (her favorite that I can’t find)

Shopkins Shopping Cart (another one she wants)     Vending Machine (she wants this too)

Vending machine picture from

She wanted them so badly that she made her own out of Play-Doh.   Here is Apple Blossom…



Now she’s drawing pictures of them…



This is a picture of Pineapple Crush, Polly Polish, Lippy Lips, Pretz-elle, Candy Kisses

Cheese Kate, Coolio, Miss Mushy-Moo, Flutter Cake, Ghurty, Cheezey, Melonie Pips, Silky, and Alpha Soup.

Did I mention that she really really REALLY loves these toys.

Honestly, they remind me of the 80’s capsule toys or the charm bracelet charms you could get.