2 Ways to Make Leg Warmer Spats

Owl Leg Warmers for Kids

I was looking around for neat things to make and I came across a great tutorial for spats on Pinterest.  They looked great and were not too difficult to make.


They used scrap pieces of Fleece and a cotton lining fabric.  You can find the directions on their site here.

This made me think about how cute a kids version would be.  I wanted to keep it simple and this version could probably be done with fabric glue if you didn’t want to sew it.


I started out by measuring my daughter’s leg and then I added an inch or two extra and cut 2 pieces out of fleece.  I used fleece because of it’s stretch and hold.

I took the pieces and I marked where her actual leg measurement was with white chalk.


Then I overlapped a section (about an inch) and then I sewed along the presser foot edge for to sew them together.  I went back and moved over about an inch and then I sewed another line to make a long rectangle.


Next, I cut out some shapes out of felt to make an owl.  I pinned them to the outside of each piece and sewed them down.


Then I sewed on the buttons for the eyes.  I finished by taking blue and orange buttons and sewing them down the front, in the rectangle.


The entire project took under and hour and my daughter loved them.  You could do different animals or colors.






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