Meet Aggretsuko, a cute Boozing Rage Monster… from the creators of Hello Kitty.

Aggretsuko the Red Panda from Sanrio | Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty’s new friend is a hard-working, hard-drinking little red-headed rage monster who vents by singing Heavy Metal karaoke.

Meet Aggretsuko the Red Panda, a new character unveiled yesterday on Sanrio’s Twitter account.

This beer swilling red panda is cute and polite by day, but a party animal at night. Hello Kitty she is not. However, like most of Sanrio’s characters, she’s highly relatable. This stressed out millennial office drone is ready to snap… just like all of us. She feels like the most “real” kawaii character I’ve seen in a long, long time. (In fact, I can see a bit of my wife in her… but don’t tell her that!)

Of course you can expect a truckload of Aggretsuko merchandise. And I just might be in line to buy some myself!


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