Anime NYC Bans “Fascist” Cosplay of ‘Tanya the Evil’ (while promoting it on Twitter)


You simply can’t make this stuff up.

Anime NYC has posted on their rules page that they’re going to enforce a ban on cosplay that promotes “hate groups” and “fascism” — even purely fictitious organizations. One of the anime that is strictly forbidden to cosplay as? Tanya the Evil.

And what was the official Anime NYC account promoting on Twitter just a couple of days ago? Tanya the Evil.

Naturally, some anime fans were eager to point out their hypocrisy.

Also forbidden from cosplay at Anime NYC? Real or fictitious “hate groups” including characters from Hellsing, Indiana Jones and even Captain America. That’s right — you can’t even cosplay as the Red Skull or a Hydra agent.

While a ban on explicitly Nazi cosplay might make sense in today’s political climate, I can’t for the life of me understand why they’d ban something like Tanya the Evil. The anime doesn’t even feature Nazis — it takes place in an alternate World War I.

So what else does the ban cover? There’s that mysterious “etc.,” after all. What if you wanted to cosplay as Cobra Commander? He hates the Joes and America. Is Cobra considered a “hate group?”

This is utterly ridiculous, and it leads into a bigger issue.

This is just another example of how overly-sensitive and easily offended the anime scene has become of late.

Syfy Wire is offended by the military uniforms in ACCA. Because NAHTZEES!
Syfy Wire is offended by the military uniforms in ACCA. Because NAHTZEES!

There seems to be an effort to turn anime into a kinder, gentler shell of itself. Blogs like Syfy Wire have been decrying “fascist” imagery in anime for months now, and other “geek” blogs have been taking shots at anime like The Rising of the Shield Hero and Goblin Slayer.

And many of the companies that control the American dubbed anime scene (most notably Crunchyroll and Funimation) have been accused by some anime fans of going too far left politically as of late.

Given that Anime NYC works closely with the likes of Crunchyroll, it’s no real surprise that they’d ban anything that could even remotely be mistaken for a Nazi uniform by someone who is likely both poorly educated and easily triggered.

Even if the cosplay ban overreaches and explicitly includes popular anime characters that they otherwise promote.


Anyway, check out more of our thoughts in the video below.

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  1. Still not sure why anyone thinks Tanya or the empire are fascist. As far as I can tell people are just assuming since they are their world’s version of Germany they must be Nazis. It’s a little hard to judge them on policy since we never really see the civil government in action. At worst theyre militaristic, but that could just be a natural consequence of being surrounded by enemies. Haven’t seen any evidence of them being authoritarian, so far they’re the ones who’ve been attacked in every war. That’s not to say that Tanya’s actions have been moral, but they aren’t driven by a desire to oppress or enslave, just to get to that comfortable life she’s always wanted.

    • A person who has never seen Japanese anime might find resemblance of Nazi uniform in a German military costume. A cosplayer dressed in this way might be mistaken as an actual fascist, and attract actual fascists to the convention. You can cosplay anything you want at home. But if you want to attend a convention, you need to follow their rules and be considerate to others.

      • What does this have to do with anime? Being unable to differentiate Prussians from Nazis, or Germans as a whole from Nazis is chalked up to ignorance in general, not ignorance of anime.

      • The Empire is loosely based off of World War 1 Germany but there are significant differences. They’re not Nazis. There is no equivalent to Nazis or Hitler in the series. There is no Kaiser or Fuhrer, there is an Imperial Family. No outside of military people are even focused on at all. There is no singular political party and no discrimination against minorities. If you want to ban cosplay of them it should encompass any military style cosplay. This ban is clearly made out of ignorance or is catering to ignorance.

      • See and a little known fact:During WW2 the Wehrmacht and SS didnt get along in other words for those of you who dont know, the everyday soldier whether it be army or Luftwaffe and Hitler’s SS didnt like each other in fact towards the end of the war the SS started acting like the Commissars of the Soviet Army and shot any who surrendered or straight up opposed Hitler much like the Gestapo

      • You’re an idiot, run purely by emotion.

        This is why the punch nazis meme is so bad, because it starts brawls at anime cons.

  2. Author of this article should think before writing. Fictional villains presented in animated art is very different from real people walking in public dressed in clothes that resemble active hate groups.
    The convention is doing the right thing. Cosplayers, anime fans, and everyone reading this needs to understand.

    • And my hope for this world takes another hit. We cannot function if everything we do must be tailored to the most sensitive and ignorant among us. You have to be unaware not the only of the anime, but also of history to mistake a uniform from Tanya, for a Nazi one, as they bear little resemblance. For someone at a convention with people walking around in all manner of costumes to assume a person there is dressed as an actual Nazi is a little far-fetched. And even if they do there’s a simple solution, ask. Don’t jump on social media to complain, try educating yourself instead. Suddenly causing a gathering of actual Nazis barely seems worth addressing, but I will anyway. Even if some ignorant person decided to start posting that there are Nazis walking around a convention, so what. any actual Nazis, of which there are thankfully precious few anywhere in the country, who saw the post would know that’s not what they are. And even if they were too stupid to realize it, there aren’t enough of them to spontaneously gather a group of any size so trying to stoke fears of a sudden Nazi gathering at a convention is just plain hyperbole

      • And I bet even the actual Nazis (though maybe rookie ones would) won’t mistake the anime uniforms as a Nazi uniform.

        Which is a shame because that just shows that the Left are so uninformed that they’d give a point to the Nazis in this contest of intelligence.

        Seriously, I doubt Leftists do their history homework.

    • >Author of this article should think before writing.

      You could stand to take your own advice, Sirian.

    • Psh, are you joking? Only a real Nazi who actually follows the ideology would wear the brand name uniforms the Nazis wore – Hugo Boss.

  3. I can hear the kvetching in NYC all the way from Canada. It truly is an intelligent thing to wave an overt and uncalled for political statement in the face of the most dedicated anime fans, probably ruining a good portion of some cosplayers plans, rendering their cosplay effort null, or outright cancelling their plans.

    Anime isn’t a medium that will bend its knee to (((current year))) politics. No doubt something that’s been loathed for at least a few years now.

  4. The anime takes place even before Benito Mussolini’s fascist party was founded (it would only be a while after the Nazi party adopted parts of the fascist ideology and twist it to their own needs).

    WWI ended in 1918. Mussolini’s fascist party was founded in 1919.

    While there were some fascist ideas that likely originated in the 1880s, it wasn’t until Mussolini that it actually made a significant impact on the years to come.

    And you can WIKIPEDIA this information. Wikipedia provides better information than the Left.

    That’s sad.

  5. I’d say I lean left but this is ridiculous. It’s a cosplay convention for gods sake, would it even matter if someone was dressed as a Nazi? It’s clearly an attempt to pander to a group that may not even exist in the first place, due to a misguided sense of what people want.


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