‘Batwoman’ Trailer Downvoted to Oblivion on YouTube


Move over, Captain Marvel. The trailer for the CW’s new Batwoman series has dropped, and she wants Carol Danvers to hold her beer. There’s a new HER-o in town, boys.

So far the internet doesn’t seem to be taking to the Batwoman trailer, as it currently has 35,000 upvotes compared to 79,000 downvotes on YouTube.

Yikes! That’s na na na na na na na NOT GOOD!

While some of the downvotes could be attributed to good old fashioned trolling, it would seem to suggest that a lot of people just aren’t down with what they’ve seen so far in the teaser.

Last year, Batwoman star Ruby Rose was driven off of Twitter by mob accusations of not being Jewish enough for the role of Kate Kane, or “gay enough” despite the actress being LGBTQ.

Our Opinion on the Batwoman Trailer…

Oh boy. It’s complicated.

Ruby Rose’s Batwoman mentions she’s a woman, like, 500 times in this trailer. And when she’s not telling you how kickass women are, the background music does. Is the cringe real, or blown completely out of proportion?

Check out the video below for our thoughts!


  1. I miss when TV shows wanted the largest possible audience. Everything is so niche these days, I really do feel like nothing is “for me”.

    • Well, to be fair, trying to please everybody can result in pleasing nobody. It’s a very cliche saying, but it’s true. I think what is lacking nowadays is balance: try to please as much people as you can, but have a focus, a goal, otherwise you end up with a mess without identity, that no one knows what kind of audience you’re trying to bring.

  2. I don’t want to hear about her “sexuality”, I could care less about how much “entitled toughness” this wahman has been granted. Then she takes Batman’s cave, tech, reputation, equipment and makes idiotic statements. F**ck this. This series is going to have an epic flame-out.


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