Big Hero 6 Series Teaser Trailer is Out!

Big Hero 6 Series Disney XD

It must be a good week for trailers.  We saw the new Voltron Legendary Defenders trailer yesterday and now we have the new teaser trailer for the upcoming Big Hero 6 Television series.

The trailer is truly a teaser.  All you get is a talking Baymax cookie and a glass of milk, but the show isn’t premiering until Fall on Disney XD.


According to the show will take place right after the movie.

So far, the show is slated to hit televisions in fall 2017. If you are wondering when the series takes place, then you should know it is set immediately after the Big Hero 6 film. The show will follow Hiro and his gang after the 14-year-old starts attending the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. The squad will showdown with plenty of baddies while Hiro simaltaneously deals with classroom rivals.

Even more exciting, a lot of the original voice actors will be back.

A slew of original voice actors reprised their beloved roles for the animated series. Ryan Potter will reprise his role as Hiro while Scott Adsit returns as Baymax. Alan Tudyk will be back as Alistair Krei, Maya Rudolph returns as Aunt Cass, and Jamie Chung will return as Go Go. In fact, most of Hiro’s squad will be making a comeback as Genesis Rodriguez will play Honey Lemon and David Shaughnessy will cover Heathcliff. And, most excitingly, Stan Lee has joined the cast to voice Fred’s father.

So as Mama Odi would say “This is going to get good!”



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