Bigfoot Bounty


Spike TV has a new reality show premiering tonight called Bigfoot Bounty.

And it’s about… wait for it… Bigfoot! And bounties! Yes, contestants go looking for Bigfoot as I understand it.

(But what do they intend to do with it should they find one?)

And it’s hosted by Superman… er… Dean Cain.

In other news, we hear Bigfoot likes pizza

It’s a run-of-the-mill case: Man claims assailant vandalized his estate, requests assistance from law enforcement.

Only the accused, in this instance, is Bigfoot, who has allegedly been wandering around a Michigan property for more than a decade, shape-shifting and eating pizza.

On Saturday, a 52-year-old Breckendridge, Mich. man came to the Midland law enforcement center armed with evidence, including photo albums, empty food containers, dirt and alleged Bigfoot scat, to ask for help verifying the existence of the mythical creature, according to a report from the Midland County Sheriff’s Office.

The man, Anthony Padilla, spoke to a Sheriff’s deputy, explaining that he accidentally “awoke” the Bigfoot spirit by knocking branches against trees to break them into smaller pieces. This began when he moved onto his 17-acre property in 1997, according to the incident report, which was sent to The Huffington Post.


So maybe just put a couple of slices under a box trap in the woods?


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