Forbes Admits that the Comic Book Industry is on the Decline (Well, DUH!)


Despite comic book industry pundits and professionals (as well as wannabes) fiercely debating comics bloggers and YouTubers about the state of the industry, the decline of the industry has just become too damn obvious to ignore.

A recent article in Forbes talking about the Oni Press and Lion Forge merger bluntly states that the comic book direct market is declining and that comic shops are dying.

“Industry representatives will be quick to note that 2018 was the biggest year on record for the business, and that publishers brought in nearly $1.1 billion in sales,” says Kidman. “But that number hasn’t changed a great deal in the last four years, and most of the growth was in children’s graphic novels (sales at Scholastic book fairs are way up), not in issues of superhero comics from Marvel or DC. Sales at comic book shops have been declining.”

Well, that took them long enough.

At best, comic shop sales are flatlining. At worst, they’re far more dire than we’re led to believe due to some new categories being counted (such as crowdfunding and Amazon) for the very first time in 2018.

Hey, comic shops don’t close almost monthly and publishers don’t merge in desperation in a healthy direct market. I’m just saying.

The article also goes on to state that the end goal of most comic book publishers is a Hollywood deal. Meanwhile crowdfunding is exploding, such in the case of the Earthworm Jim IndieGoGo.

Comics YouTubers have been calling this for YEARS — all the while being heckled by comics pros on Twitter, on comics blogs and elsewhere.

Check out the video below for more of our thoughts!

[Source: Forbes]


    • Wow dude. You seriously a sheep, hard. Comic book industry has been dying since the 90s through 3 different presidents. Stop blaming everything on the left like a damn cop out.

    • Not true at all. Politics aren’t the reason. Just so many other sources of entertainment now and the cover price is too high for the younger generation. In 1980 I was able to scrape up 40 cents per book. That’s $1.25 in today’s dollars, but cover price is north of $3 now. Also, recycling and restarting the characters has not helped. It’s a natural thing actually. The first comic wave died out after only 20 years. The second lasted twice that long. Nothing lasts forever.

  1. Recycled ideas, high prices and too many entertainment options. Has anyone noticed that kids don’t listen to serials on the radio anymore, either? Saturday morning cartoons are also a thing of the past. Times change, things die. New things replace them.

    • Certainly…however the prominent through line in the Decline in multiple entertainment industries can be traced back to shifting public political ideology that ultimately affects storytelling, innovation and creativity. You see it in cinema, television, and comedy. It’s not just print media…otherwise manga would not be vastly outselling American comics.

      Yes…over saturation, poor business decisions, and media preference along with all those other factors you mentioned Mixed to make the poison that’s killing the industry…but to pretend that the current dominance of left leaning culture has nothing to do with it…is just naive.


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