Disney Attractionistas Are Here!


The Disney Attractionistas are appearing in the Disney Parks!

What are the Disney Attractionistas?  They are dolls based on attractions at the Disney Theme Parks.   Currently there are four dolls representing Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, and the Mad Tea Party Teacups.  Each doll comes with an animal friend.  The dolls seem to be more like a Barbie with rubber and jointed legs.  I’m not 100% sure but the video link below said they are around $30 at the park.

Let’s take a look at the dolls.

First up is Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean.


I love her look.  Her face kind of reminds me of Penelope Cruz from the last Pirates movie.  Then she had the red hair  and I wonder if it is an homage to the red head in the ride?

I love her outfit.  The tights are a cute touch as well!

Next up we have (my favorite) Gracey from the Haunted Mansion.  I NEED to get this doll!


I love everything about her.  The victorian dress is amazing and the Haunted Mansion wallpaper leggings are a great touch.  Her top hat and pet bat are the icing on the cake!

Here is another picture I found online credit to allthetinyhumans Halston Snell Art.

here is a youtube review

They also gave us a great photo for size comparison. They seem to be good size dolls!



Up next is Celeste from Space Mountain

I really like the name choices on these dolls!


She has a space suit that seems to have a touch of cyber punk to it.  Loving the hair and the goggles!

And finally is Maddie from the Mad Hatter Tea Party teacups.

My only complaint here is that Ever After High has a Madeline Hatter doll and the names sound very similar.  But I like the doll and she comes with tea cups and a pet.


I love her mismatched leggings and her cute outfit.  The rainbow hair is a nice touch as well.

most of the photos came from disneyfashionista.com


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