‘Disney Boys Choir’ Viral Video Takes Facebook by Storm!

Disney Music - Disney Viral Videos - Disney Boys Choir on Facebook

This “Disney Boys Choir” has to be heard to be to be believed. These young men knock it out of the park, singing Disney hit after Disney hit without missing a beat. There’s a lot of love for 1990s Disney animated movies from The Doo Wop Shop, with selections from Aladdin, Hercules, The Lion King and Mulan. However, the real surprise is the ending. (Hint: There are no girls in this boys choir.)

Told you it was awesome. Disney really should hire these guys to sing in Walt Disney World or Disneyland!

Hat tip to Facebook page DIS Humor for sharing that.

What’s your favorite Disney song?

Everybody has at least one favorite Disney song! Leave a comment below and let us know what yours is!

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