‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Animated Series Finally Gets an Ending (Thanks to a Car Commercial!)


The party from the classic 1980s Dungeons & Dragons animated series finally finds their way home… thanks to a Brazilian car commercial.

We talked about this incredible looking commercial last week when a teaser was released, and now the full car commercial is available online. You can watch it below!

Yes, thanks to a little help from Dungeon Master (and a Renault SUV) Hank the Ranger, Eric the Cavalier, Diana the Acrobat, Presto the Magician, Shiela the Thief, and Bobby the Barbarian finally find their way back to the carnival that transported them to the DnD realm all those years ago.

The trailer also features their nemesis Venger, Uni the unicorn and — surprisingly — classic DnD supermonster Tiamat!

Why Brazil? Dungeons & Dragons was known as Dragon Cave in Brazil, and was apparently quite popular there.

The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon never did get a proper ending, although it was planned for the teenagers to finally find their way home in the series finale “Requiem.” Sadly, the episode was never produced and the kids have been stuck in limbo ever since.

[Source: YouTube]


  1. Damn i love this so much. Was a fan of the show as a kid and i’m happy to see them give an ending to the story so well, even if it is in a commercial. lol

  2. I’m brazilian and i watched this cartoon all my childhood, this commercial is a tribute to all the fans (here its huge) that never had the proper ending. I really dont know why Dungeons and Dragons here call “Cave of the Dragon”, maybe Dungeons are not so regular word in Portuguese … so Dragon Cave maybe its related to a fantasy cartoon ..


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