‘Ever After High’ Cerise Hood Review


Right before Christmas I was lucky enough to come across Cerise Hood at Walmart. I snatched her up!

Cerise is the daughter of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

She keeps her father’s identity a secret.

She comes in the standard Ever After High Storybook box. She has the bookmark and is marked a Rebel. The box says that “Nobody can find out who her father is! Let’s just say there’s a reason her hood is always up. Since she’s so protective of her family, Cerise sometimes comes off like a bit of a lone wolf. Don’t misunderstand though… she’s fiercely loyal to her pack of friends, and , my, what a big heart she has.”

Onto the doll.


My daughter was taken with her long brown hair and silver streaked bangs. I really like how they showcase her. They have the hood up (and attached to her head) but they bring some hair around over her shoulder so you can see how long and pretty it is.

Like Cupid, they showcase her in the box well, but she is a pain to debox. Keep in mind her cloak is plastic tagged together and you will need to remove those as well.


Once opened you can see her a bit better…

She comes with an adorable woodsy Red Riding Hood inspired outfit. She has a red and black Houndstooth drop waist dress (the houndstooth was a great touch.) She has a black lace ruffle at the bottom and silver and black lace sleeves. She is wearing adorable silvery leggings. Her boots are very cute. They have an almost steampunk feel to them with the cute molded straps and buckles, and her belt is done in a similar style. I also found the silver colored accents cute (and a bit ironic — silver bullets and werewolves.)


Her cape is my favorite part. it is varied in colors from red to pink. There is a pretty black and silver tree or vine pattern on it. The underside is lined with netting to help it puff out slightly. The hood is done in a pretty red satin.

Her eyes are also very pretty. They are a wolf-like blue and grey. I like how her lips are toned down and more of a natural color.

This doll also comes with a basket/purse, comb and doll stand.

You can find her in stores, and she is available on Amazon.

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