Final Fantasy VI for iOS


The best Final Fantasy ever made is finally coming to iPhone and iPad.

No, I’m not talking about Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy VI was recently announced as coming to iOS devices.

Some gamers may remember this title being released as Final Fantasy III in the US many moons ago. Regardless of what you call it, I call it the best game in the series and it’ll be good to add it to my iPhone RPG collection.

Details are sketchy, but a trailer was released a few days ago…

From what I can make out, it looks like redrawn HD graphics ala the iOS port of Final Fantasy V, vs. a 3D remake. (That’s OK… but from what I’ve played of FF5, the virtual D-pad leaves a lot to be desired and the auto-battle feature makes the game a cakewalk.)

Still, it’s an epic game and it’ll be great to have it in any form.

No word on an actual release date. Just “Winter.”


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