Final Fantasy VII on Surface Pro?!

FF7 iOS Final Fantasy VII Steam Surface Pro Windows 8

Yes, you can play Final Fantasy VII on a Surface Pro! Given that it could be a long, long time until we see FF7 on iOS, this might be the best way to play this classic RPG on the go. (Well, if you actually own a Surface, that is.)

Here’s how it works.

Final Fantasy VII is available for Windows 8 via Steam here. The Surface Pro runs Windows 8, right? Right!

“But how do you control it with a touch screen?” you’re probably asking yourself.

With this great new virtual controller app called GestureWorks. Final Fantasy VII is one of many apps apparently compatible with GestureWorks. Check out the video below…

I have yet to try it out for myself, but will as soon as I get a chance.

As much as I love my iOS devices, the Surface is a very versatile portable gaming machine. Throw in Android and SNES emulation (with Xbox controller support!), and this could very well be the tablet for the hardcore retrogamer.

Here’s the official Final Fantasy VII Steam trailer…

If FF7 isn’t your thing, how about Final Fantasy VIII? It’s also on a Steam here!

And again, the official FF8 Steam trailer…

Can Final Fantasy IX be far behind?


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