Finally Monster High Wydowna Spider


Finally, it appears there will be a Wydowna Spider released that is NOT the SDCC version.  We mentioned a few months ago that we thought this would be the case.  I can’t see them going to the expense of the new mold to not use it again.

The I Heart Fashion Wydowna Spider is showing up on Amazon now.



Casta Fierce is on her way!   She is already on Amazon HERE


There is also a new Ghoul Talk 2 pack with Catrine DeMew and Rochelle Goyle.   I LOVE the retro look of Rochelle.  The dress and the hair are great!

You can find it HERE


There also seems to be a new Student Disembodied Council.  It is at Target or on Amazon HERE

ghoul spirit slo mo pack


I can’t wait so see some of these New dolls out in the stores!



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