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Go! Princess PreCure, the 12th entry in the franchise is one of ups and downs leading Toei to reduce the fighting in later seasons because kids were scared.

The main trio begins with Haruka Haruno, who dreams of becoming a princess. Her dream comes true upon meeting Puff and Aroma; the season's mascots. Using the Princess Key and the Perfume, she transforms into Cure Flora fighting against Close and the MotW to save her new friend's dream from becoming locked away and sealed in despair. Joining the team next episode is the student council President and upperclassmen, Minami. Helping out Haruka as Cure Mermaid the two seek out their third member after realizing they had lost the last Perfume bottle. Leading into the next episode they find out one of their classmates, Kirara, had picked it up and after Close interrupts her fashion show, she transforms into the last member for a while: Cure Twinkle.

The villains of the season were some of my favorites. Led by DysDark, the starting trio of Lock, Shut and Close are tasked with filling the world with despair so that she can be revived and invade Earth. They follow the same routine of summoning a MotW and gaining despair that way. The season hits a high point once Princess Twilight is introduced using her Dark Perfume bottle to fight against Cure Flora. While Twilight is running around Kanata recounts to Haruka his sister who was lost before DysDark invaded and locked everyone in cages of despair.

A fight between Princess Twilight and Flora ensues with Flora's teammates holding off Shut and Lock. In the end Twilight is purified becoming the final member of the team: Kanata's missing sister, Towa Akagi.

Now I wish Towa's time as Twilight had been longer since she was only purified since the team got a BRAND NEW TOY. With Twilight's defeat, Towa feels inadequet to be a Princess Precure as she had caused suffering when she was Princess Twilight.

The episodes proceed as normal with DysDark being fully reincarnated the only notable thing. As the final fight draws near the girls free their respective castles from DysDark's rule. Once those strings of episodes are done DysDark takes it to Earth intending to battle the team on their home turf. Now I haven't talked about my favorite side character, Yui. She has had her dream locked and closed three times as of the final battle and she uses her strength to break herself free and rescue the people who DysDark had trapped in order to siphon energy.

With the generals dead or changed their ways, the GoPri team takes DysDark head-on becoming the fated Grand Princesses. But once DysDark disappears, Shut reappears having absorbed her and takes on Haruka as the final boss. Their fight lasts for a few minutes and Haruka comes to a realization: You can't stop despair since it'll always be present so DysShut leaves telling her they'll meet again...and the series ends with a small timeskip of the girls living out their dreams.

Now in short:

Best episodes: 39, 47-50

Worst character: Minami (She had the worst developement and just felt like she needed to be there)

What I liked: The fight scenes were amazing especially Flora's fight in 39.

What I disliked: The main 3 had NO flaws. They just seemed good at what they were doing and the only character who seemed to grow was our main hero, Haruka.

Overall, I give it a 8/10. It's definately worth checking out if you have never watched a season.

Posted : 23/01/2019 12:32 am

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