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The Bush Baby, Eigo style!  

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You can skip the new CW Batwoman. Somebody put all of The Bush Baby on YouTube.  I thought it might not have aged well, but after watching a few episodes...A good story, good characters, very good dubbing for the time, tension and drama, and an actual female lead with some grit.

Seriously, I'll spoil all of Batwoman:

Watch any other CW show and you've already seen it, for a start, but she's gonna start as a brooding hero that needs to find her purpose, she will find someone she trusts, not trust them two episodes later, then trust them, then sleep with them, then not trust them, then sleep with someone else that they shouldn't trust, then realize they should trust the first person she bagged, then go back to them, then find out that the other person is a bad person, then that person will magically decide to be good, but take forever to get around to it, then they will be good but no one will trust them, then everyone will trust them, then that person will turn everyone against one other person, then Batwoman will have a sudden insight that maybe she shouldn't be doing what she's doing and she'll leave at the end of the season, likely after sleeping with a new person, then she'll return and have lost her faith in others and she'll abandon all her friends, then they won't trust her.......I mean, I could go on, but this is CW since like...Smallville.

Posted : 19/05/2019 10:48 pm