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Getting into Comics?  

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Hey everyone,

So, I've been in art on an off several years done a few projects for some people (nothing large at all) but with the state that comics are in (honestly in my opinion for any upcoming artist or writer) I thought it would be a good time to start to tell the stories I want to share with everyone. Though it is a medium that I have not had a lot of expertise in as much, setting up panels and all that come along with that aspect. What would be some good starting points for me going forward, I had ideas of writing out the whole story as a script and get concert concepts down just kinda feeling stuck. Just wondering what tips works for you'll during this process.

Posted : 08/07/2019 11:56 am
Imbria Arts / Brittany Dodson
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I find my best experience in tackling a comic is to write a script, story board / rough sketch what I have done on each page, then go through the process of drawing, coloring, and if needed redrawing the page. Then I add sound effects and such and add word balloons. To do a comic book takes time and patience but also an understanding that you will constantly have self doubt as you go through the process. So make sure you set goals or else you could end up in art limbo with the work. 

Posted : 30/07/2019 2:01 pm