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IDW Scrooge McDuck and other "Duckley" discussions  

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If i have placed this thread in the wrong place,  i apologize. It wasn't easy to know where it should be placed.
I will be frank. I only start this thread because i'm curious on Kneons talk about his work on Disney-comics and with Don Rosa (of which he spoke a bit in this video)

So, i hope that Kneon will reveal some interesting story about his works.

First of all a question: The IDW-comic with Donald and Scrooge McDuck, is that the italian comic from Topolino? The style is very similar of what i seen. Because that is a bit difference on what Rosa wrote.
Don Rosa's "The life and time of Scrooge McDuck" is seen as canon by many swedes (and the first paperback collection is one of the more expensive comics in the swedish collectors guide, if i remember right)

And for upcoming discussions in this thread, i will post a picture of the McDuck family tree, according to Don Rosa.

Posted : 25/02/2019 3:42 pm