My thoughts on this...

My thoughts on this.  

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its a bit iffy to me that they would angle that way on being kids and all but not 18 to 21 types since far more appropriate to cast that way and I'm far more willing to accept a female leader of the new ghostbuster but that youn.g I don't know about that chief. If they are angle it in a Stranger Things horror comedy-esque. I'm willing to accept that far more than that than the Feige's bullshit movie. Right now the trailer of that movie should be the magic bullet for all of us since it's the only way we can determine whether this is a good send off of the old crew or not. I'm not well verse on the 80's child movies like IT and Goonies but... I would give it a chance rather than nihilistic dread over the franchise.
I don want to see the make up of the roster though we all ready know the the child actress would be a leader I would guess it would be mixed.

Heres mine:

1. Child Leader
2. High School Big Sister/Brother
3. The High School Big Sister/Brother's Boyfriend/GirlfriendĀ 
4. Child Leader's Crush

but this is only my tin foil hat theory of it. So what do you guys think of this?

Posted : 28/01/2019 11:02 am

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