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Wait, you didn't think this would not be my first forum to post in, right? 😀 I'm that weird German girl from that one live stream where clownfishTV gutted basically the worst of the reboot She-Ra episodes. So well, it's no secret I despise Noelle Stevenson's take on a classic reboot that never needed an agenda update because it always was progressive. With the missing resonance to the new series from pretty much everywhere except tumblr I really doubt this show will go much further than S2 too, and even if they air all 50+ episodes, I give it a year before it's forgotten.

What can be done then to save this franchise? Well, since I'm not betting my horses on the MOTU movie anytime soon (it's supposed to come out in November THIS YEAR and there's neither a finished script nor a director yet .... Hello, development hell, my old friend)... My hopes at this point lie in Mattel Movie Studios gaining big success with other projects and for them to buy the right to the cartoons back from DreamWorks at some point, so people who actually care can take another shot at the cartoons. So how do you get the attention and approval of a fanbase that survived 30 years? To satisfy people who don't get tired of buying toys from decades old cartoon series? Just a few random thoughts on how it SHOULD have gone with someone who actually knew his way around the old properties ...

visual update

That's a no brainer, new series can't look like a 30 years old cartoons. There's stuff that doesn't need much of an update though. The old He-Man and especially the She-Ra backgrounds were stunning. Adora's old transformation sequence was pretty enough, no need to turn her into Sailor Moon (and thank you very much, tumblrines: Us 80's fans, we've already had our fare share of glitter back then). While I very much like the physical and racial diversity of the reboot (it's the only thing going for it as far as I care), some of the new costumes lack aesthetics as well as practical finesse (ya know, if they were fighting an actual war instead of going to the prom). So a mix of the old and new designs would be pretty cool. If I had my way, especially a She-Ra cartoon had a deeply melancholic touch, seeing as the main protagonist lives a life in war and one of self-sacrifice. I'm thinking of something like this.

combining properties

In terms of storytelling, I'm torn because I love the 80's He-Man cartoon, but the 2002 is the more modern take that worked quite well. So to tie in both old and new fans, IMO continuing that series would be the best starting point for an actual good new show. Or rather, 2 of them. The 2002 series was just on the verge of bringing Adora/She-Ra in, that we know. They had the designs and everything ready before they were cancelled. So why not start with another half season of 2002 MOTU, then continue with a retelling of The Secret of the Sword in the form of a TV event (much like the DC TV universe shows crossover) that sends off the new She-Ra series to a good start? Keep MOTU going for another season or two and parallel build up and air a good new She-Ra series that combines the heart of the old shows with modern requirements. Keep up the crossover episodes like in 80's She-Ra to keep both viewerships invested. Go back to episodic storytelling to keep both the Eternian and Etherian storyline independently going while also write a couple of good big arcs for both the family drama on Eternia and the rise of the rebellion on Etheria.

the big showdowns

The biggest regret I have about the old She-Ra show is that it never got to expand on its main storyline and finish it, meaning the war against the Horde. With two parallel shows running, two heroes as beloved as He-Man and She-Ra are, you got the possibility of big TV events to conclude that kind of storyline. Horde Prime has been established as both He-Man's and She-Ra's most powerful foe in the old show (see: Horde Prime takes a holiday eg), so I've always kind of dreamed of this big showdown on Eternia at some point. I would love one feature length movie for the war on Etheria to be won and another for when the war in the form of Horde Prime moves to Eternia, and that's where the power twins along with all their allies (including the rebels) have to team up to free Eternia and Etheria forever.

So yeah, just a few random thoughts on what I'd hoped we'd see in the reboot. Well, instead we got shitty storylines, hate writing and DreamWorks Jar Jar Binks on exploding boats, but that's a topic for another rant ...

Posted : 25/01/2019 4:06 pm
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Well, I think hoping for anything that answers or expounds on plot threads from the old He-Man and She-Ra are out the window with the Netflix show.

It's clearly its own thing. As we've been saying in videos... it's another fantasy show with a (thin) coat of She-Ra paint slapped on.

I think Chuck Austen being brought into tighten things up might help. But I'm just hoping they get this version of She-Ra over and done with, and then move on with a proper MOTU/POP reboot in a few years.

I honestly wish they just would've continued the 2002 He-Man series on Netflix. 🙁

Posted : 28/01/2019 12:56 pm
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Yeah, no, that's not an option. That new show is completely disconnected from the old. Like you say, we need a new one actually doing it right, and if that ever happens, well I'll keep my hopes up they will connect that to 2002 He-Man. But that's probably what annoys me most about Noelle's monstrosity... Thanks to this series, it might be a long while before anyone ever touches especially She-Ra again. And all that for a tumblr brainfart.

Posted : 02/02/2019 3:25 pm
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What do you think about the He-man comics being adapted? They also had a darker turn on Adora's story but a learning journey too.

Posted : 20/02/2019 2:50 am

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