Tropico 6  

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Brah, I'm so addicted to Tropico 6. I'm finally able to play it now that I got a new computer (mmmm delicious i5).  We're also about to finally play Fallout4! My husband is addictive to that one LOL

It took me only like one week to pass Tropico  and found it too easy. This time I'm slow going with this Tropico 6 and failing a few time! Hopefully not too much. A long time about I got tropico 3 which is pirate themed ( I LOVE pirate themed games) and after all these years I've never completed that one XD

But there is just something so fun about the newer 3d Tropico games and how immersive it is. Also that Broker NPC gets me wet LOLOOLOLOOP

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Posted : 19/05/2019 8:43 pm

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