Gearing up for the SDCC Monster High Exclusive Manny Taur and Iris Clops


Unfortunately, I will not be at SDCC this year (I need to get there some time) but we can still take a good look at the photos floating around of the Monster High SDCC Exclusive 2-pack from Mattel.

Let’s start with the box.  It looks like a Monster High Letterman’s Jacket (a very neat idea)

(photos of box from )

Here is the back of the box.  We have his backpack.  I like how on the front and the back they found ways to include bits of Iris Clops too so you have an idea that the two might be together in the box.  I like the Labyrinth logo as well.

Finally we get to open the box and look inside the box and it looks like the inside of a jacket–it is very creative!

Now we can take a better look at the two dolls.  She is about 10″ and he is much taller.

Photo from


Manny Taur– Son of the Minotaur

Here you can get a good look at his face sculpt and shirt (with labyrinth symbol again)   He has the blond hair and bright blue eyes.  I like the lighter nose with the gradient into the face–just like a real bull might have.  The nose ring is a nice touch.

Like Wydowna, I am betting he will be out in stores eventually.  I can’t see them paying a lot of money for new molds and then only using them once.

(images from Idle Hands)

Here is a shot of his jeans and boots

Iris Clops

I am loving her freckles (they are too cute) and the multi-colored twisted hair.  She always reminds me of Mike Wazowski from Monster’s Inc though.


The purse and shoes are cute, but I almost feel like they went a bit overboard on they eyeball theme.  But they are still cute!  The magenta and green together are a solid choice.

Here is a video review from Keenan Loughney on youtube.




Hoping to add more pictures to this soon.  I am sure there will be many more posted over the next few days.  I will be blogging with news on other dolls as it posts online.  Stay tuned!



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