Geek Chic- Doctor Who


This week I am bringing you Geek Chic (awesome accessories or clothes) Doctor Who style!

Let’s Start with Purses and Bags (my favorite)  Starting with Etsy.  You can find an ABUNDANCE of Doctor Goodness Here  Purses/wallets/bags/cases/etc!

First Up a Doctor Who Duct Tape Bag (From Etsy Here)

How about a “Bad Wolf” clutch (From Etsy Here)

I LOVE this!  The Red Felt Dalek bag (From ETSY here)  Also in Grey

The Button Dalek Tote (From Etsy Here)

There are far too many to list.  Some have Actual Doctor Who fabric.  Just check them out on Etsy!

Next up.  T-shirts!  Of course there are a crazy amount of T-shirts on Amazon HERE  But I am hitting Etsy to find some more unique ones!

This one is cool  (On Etsy Here)  Blue Tardis HERE

Okay this is different!  It says “Don’t Blink” and when you flip it up over your head it gives you a Weeping Angel face.  (on Etsy HERE)

A colorful Dalek shirt (on Etsy Here)

You can find TONS more HERE

Or Maybe Hats are your Thing.

Top hat Fez (yep.  A top hat fez) On Etsy Here   Or How about a Cute hat covered in the Tardis  (on Etsy Here)

I Know we see all kinds of Tardis hats.  But how about an Adipose Hat with Arms.  (On Etsy Here)

How about a Cybermen Hat (on Etsy Here)

Maybe Jewelry is more your thing

Doctor Who Tardis Necklace (on Etsy Here)     Or ask the question  “Are you my mummy”  (on Etsy Here)

Or how about a Bow Cuff Bracelet (on Etsy Here)


There are Soaps    Perfumes   Cookies and Cookie Cutters  And so much more!  Check out ETSY for Geek Chic Awesomeness!





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