43″ Godzilla 2014 Figure at New York Toy Fair


[UPDATE: I guess we guessed right. The photo WAS here, Jakks Pacific’s lawyers contacted us and told us to remove the photo. In fact, we didn’t even know that the pic WAS the 43″ Godzilla from Jakks Pacific — we were just using it as a placeholder until a verified photo surfaced. This unknown Godzilla toy photo has been floating around the internet for WEEKS and did not originate with us. I’m sure we’ll be allowed (??) to replace it with an “official” photo as soon as its revealed.]

Godzilla is getting a big figure this summer, courtesy of Jakks Pacific. How big? 43″ of ever lovin’ lizard!

According to the press release

The line of Godzilla products by JAKKS is expected to include an Ultimate Large Scale Godzilla Figure with 12 points of articulation and a length of over 43” – one of the largest toys in Godzilla history. JAKKS Pacific’s licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to manufacture, distribute and market Godzilla toys and products marks a decade long partnership, which also includes recent collaborations for Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Trilogyproperties also brought to life in JAKKS’ Big Figures line.

“This new version of GODZILLA is an epic rebirth of the iconic Toho property that transcends the disaster movie genre. The monster himself is a symbol that has remained an indelible part of pop culture for the last 60 years,” stated Emily Castel, Legendary’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We can’t wait for the fans to get their hands on the line of products that JAKKS and Warner Bros. have created that embody the experience ofGodzilla, King of the Monsters.”

The pic above is of an unknown 2014 Godzilla toy, but we’ll post pics of the giant Godzilla as soon as we can!


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