Godzilla 2: Kaiju Boogaloo


Unsurprise! They’re making a sequel to the mega-awesome 2014 Godzilla flick.

And you know what? They’re getting the gang back together! Mothra and Rodan are reportedly joining the Big G in his next big screen outing.

From TheVerge.com

According to the studio’s Twitter account, monsters Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah will join the classic beast from the deep. All three Kaiju have been featured in classic monster films from Japanese studio Toho, which made the original Godzilla film from 1954. They’ve also been featured in numerous other Godzilla films over the years. It’s unclear if all three monsters will appear in Godzilla 2 or if they’ll be spread out over a number of sequels. In one tweet, Legendary Pictures added that “several other classic monsters from Toho” will join Godzilla in “future franchise installments.”


Now, if we could only get King Ghidorah or Gigan…


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