Godzilla 2014 and a Sequel?! (no spoilers)


We got to see Godzilla last night.  I am happy to report that it was very good.  I will not spoil it for you, but I can say that it had some homages to the older movies in a couple of scenes.  Without going into detail, there are several places where they clearly took inspiration from the source material or hid some cameos.   My son was really happy about it and he was thrilled they did a hat tip to his favorite monster–Mothra.

I have to say they did a great job with the trailers.  They did not spoil the movie and they got across the idea, but definitely did not ruin the story or sequences.

I also liked how the monsters moved.  From time to time, during the fight scenes (this doesn’t spoil anything there are ALWAYS fight scenes in Godzilla movies) the monsters would move in such a way that it was reminiscent of the older movies.   Especially when they would be moving through the air.  The pacing is definitely like most Godzilla films as well.  I am glad they kept that in line with the Japanese films.

I do like the size of Godzilla.  This is the largest Godzilla so far.  In the first movies he was about 50 meters and now he is 120- 150 meters and it is impressive!

It really made me smile.  Our son is a Godzilla fanatic.  The kid has a massive collection and has watched every movie he is able to.  He really enjoyed this one.  Both of my kiddos are looking forward to seeing it again and they already asked for us to purchase it as soon as it is available.


I happy to report that Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are moving forward with a Godzilla sequel.  After making nearly 200 MILLION world-wide, since it’s premiere, who can blame them?  This just puts the movie into development and who knows how long it will take (hopefully not too long) but it is a step towards another great film!


If you are sitting on the fence and you aren’t sure about this movie, get off your butt and get to the theater!


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