Godzilla for PS4 Will Be At Least 20% Cooler



I was just thinking about doing a new story on the upcoming Godzilla game for PS4.  It is the one thing our son really wants for his birthday in July (release date is July 14.)  I was searching for information and as luck would have it Kotaku.com had the same idea and posted some info just a few hours ago.

I recommend you link to their article and give it a read, but I will put some of the highlights here as well.

  • Apparently it came out in Japan last year for PS3, but it didn’t have the features everyone was hoping it would.
  • This issue has apparently been fixed for the Western Release
  • Japan will be getting the new version but it will be called Godzilla VS

I found more info on Amazon

  • Destruction: Bash your way through each stage to take out the Energy Generator and proceed to the next area. Be sure to smash as many other buildings in the stage as possible to maximize your G-Energy.
  • Movie Style Action: Players can choose to view the action with a special Movie-Style Camera Angle System. Choosing this camera angle switches the camera view to special, pre-set locations on the map.
  • Multiple Modes: Mission Mode – Crush your way through over 20 stages of mayhem! Diorama Mode – Build the Godzilla scene of their dreams! King of Monsters Mode – It’s a time trial of chaos!
  • Power-Up: Collect G-Energy in each stage to Power-Up your Godzilla! Grow Godzilla from 50 up to 100 Meters tall. Godzilla’s defensive and offensive prowess will increase in line with his size.

They also have a video showing the game

I notice they have World Wide Online Multi-player mode.

Our son is so excited about this game!
You can pre-order it today!


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