How Much Money Do Comic Book Artists and Writers Make? – The Shadowbinders Podcast Episode 23

How much do comic book artists make?

How much money do comic book creators make, anyway? What kind of page rates can you expect from a publisher like Marvel, DC or Image? Comics, webcomics and MONEY have been a hot topic in social media this week. Aw, who are we kidding? Comics and money is ALWAYS a hot topic for aspiring creators and industry veterans alike!

In this podcast we look at some of the comic book page rate numbers provided by David Harper at Sktchd, as well as some candid talk from freelancer Brian Churilla about his paycheck and work/life balance (or lack thereof!)

Those insights and more are summed up in an article over at The Beat, and a link to it is here:

Being a cartoonist by the numbers…and the numbers are ugly

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