Let’s Play ARK: Survival Evolved!

ARK Survival Evolved Let's Play Videos on Youtube

So Tristan has been really into this new game called Ark: Survival Evolved.  Think of it like Minecraft… but with ultra realistic graphics. And, oh, DINOSAURS. Lots of nasty dinosaurs. And megalodon sharks. So he’s being doing Let’s Play videos on Youtube (with additional commentary by yours truly!)

The first video features a turtle-like dinosaur we named “Eduardo.” He… meets a bad end, and is probably turned into poo. Also, we punch Dodo birds in the face and watch them bleed profusely. Good times, good times.

The second video below documents our attempts to figure out how to build a house… and avoid being eaten by dinosaurs. Because that seems to be the plot of this game… avoiding being eaten by dinosaurs.

It’s fun stuff and we’re looking forward to finding some time to play again in the not-too-distant future!


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