Loot Crate July 2014: VILLIANS!


Another month, another Loot Crate! This month’s theme is VILLIANS, and there’s plenty of nastiness going on in this box.

Let’s unbox it and see what we’ve got here…

loot-crate-july-2014-villians-01 loot-crate-july-2014-villians-02

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Joker apparently vandalized the interior of the box with graffiti. That sombitch!

Inside we’ve got…

  • Joker + Loki mashup t-shirt — it’s “Joki”
  • Deadpool socks
  • Super Mario Bros. Bowser magnet
  • A DVD copy of Necessary Evil: Super-Villians of DC Comics
  • Darth Vader 3D keychain
  • Poster of The Joker and Harley Quinn
  • Special Edition Rocket Raccoon comic book
  • Various Loot Crate literature and buttons

And some more photos of this month’s haul…

loot-crate-july-2014-villians-06-harley-quinn loot-crate-july-2014-villians-05 loot-crate-july-2014-villians-04-deadpool-socks loot-crate-july-2014-villians-03

Let’s have one last look at the completely kickass box interior…


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