Loot Crate June 2014: TRANSFORMERS!


LOOT CRATE TIME! We were able to get our hands on the June 2014 Loot Crate, which features TRANSFORMERS themed goodies! So let’s unbox this puppy and show you the loot!

Now, before continue, some of you may not be familiar with Loot Crate. What is it? Well, you’re shipped a box of geeky goodies every month for a flat fee. Depending on the plan you choose, you’re getting well over $4worth of stuff (retail) for a little under $20. And unless you go out to the internet to find out what the contents are in advance, it’s a surprise!

With TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction coming out at the end of the month, Loot Crate has decided to pack this month’s box with lots of Transformers goodness. Not that we’re complaining, mind you — we love Transformers here at Shadowbinders HQ! (In fact, I used to have about 600 Transformers figures before we moved, but I digress…)

So this arrived on our doorstep…


Here’s the Loot Crate freshly opened…


The contents for this month are…

  • Transformers G1 vinyl figure (we got Megatron)
  • Transformers Hexbug Nano (we got Crosshairs)
  • Transformers / Back To The Future T-Shirt (Marty McPrime who transforms into a Delorean!)
  • Decepticon Decal
  • Button
  • MLG wristband
  • Atomic Warheads candy
  • Misc. pamphlets, stickers, coupons and such

Here are some more pics…

lootcrate-transformers-june-3 lootcrate-transformers-june-4 lootcrate-transformers-june-5 lootcrate-transformers-june-6 lootcrate-transformers-june-7 lootcrate-transformers-june-2

All in all, I think Loot Crate is a pretty good value for under $20 a month. And every month, you have a chance to win the MEGA CRATE, which has waaaay more expensive cool stuff such as game systems!

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can save $3 by entering the coupon code SAVE3 at signup. Pretty cool, huh?

I wonder what next month’s Loot Crate will be…





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