Marvel Haunted Mansion Hits Shelves in March!


Okay!  What?!!  There is going to be a comic of the Haunted Mansion?!  Anyone who knows me know show much I love the Haunted Mansion (I still want to get one of the Haunted Mansion Dooney and Bourke bags!)  It is my favorite ride, EVER!!!!

My husband just forwarded me an article discussing the new, limited run, comic coming out in March!


The world famous attraction haunts Marvel Comics this March! And the residents are just dying to meet you! Today, Marvel Entertainment and Walt Disney Imagineering are proud to present your first look inside HAUNTED MANSION #1, the newest Disney Kingdoms limited series! Step inside foolish mortals, as rising comic stars Joshua Williamson (Illuminati, Nailbiter) and Jorge Coelho (Loki: Agent of Asgard, Polarity) throw open the doors of the mansion for a delightfully chilling thrill ride!

Normally, I don’t read comics.  I never really have (unless you count the mini-comics that came with She-ra dolls in the 80′)  I know…I know, but I write comics.  Yeah.  I write them, but except for some webcomics, and some manga, I stick with books.  With time constraints, just movies and TV anymore, but I will make time to look at this!!!

There will be four covers to choose from.

Cover by E.M. GIST

Variant Covers by BRIAN CROSBY (JAN160750)


Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (JAN160752)

Release date is scheduled for March 9, 2016!




(Images from )  More images and information can be found on their page.


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