Masters of the Universe Classics only $10 at Big Lots!


Masters of the Universe Classics collection action figures are showing up at Big Lots stores.  The local store had the Mo-Larr vs. Skeletor 2-packs, Adora, Moss Man, Count Marzo and Icarus for only $10.00 each.

I ‘ve searched around online and learned that others have spotted Orko and Prince Adam 2-packs, Orko single pack, Man-e-Faces, Snout Spout, Sy-Klone, Megator, Vykor, Clawful, Teela, Chief Carnivous, Faceless One, Catra, Thunder Punch He-Man, King Greyskull and Leech.

They just started showing up a few weeks ago, but they’re still available. Here’s some more information on the Big Lots website.

We picked these up earlier today…

By the power of Big Lots!
By the Power of Big Lots!


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