Mattel Presents Baby Skeletor


Okay, this is fun.

Matty Collector has this great Baby doll for $35.00 here.

I love the “Born to Rule” shirt and the “staff” baby toy.  The packaging is even neat!

These are not out yet, but will be limited to 5 per person.

Here is the great write up:

The Evil Lord of Destruction™ goes back in time… and turns into an itty bitty blue baby! This tale of a tyrannical tot, an unexpected detour, and buffalo wings comes from the twisted minds at one of our favorite stop-motion TV shows, and was the inspiration for this little guy. A must-have for true MOTUC fans, Baby Skeletor™ measures 12” tall (a total of 15” when sitting on his evil royal potty, including the potty) with articulation at the legs, shoulders and neck, and a face only a mother could… nope, sorry… even she thinks he’s hideous. The childish commander and his commode arrive in a unique closed-box throne package, and comes with a removable “Born to Rule” baby t-shirt and his Havoc Staff rattle. Baby Skeletor® may seem harmless, but remember… 80% of his body weight is in his horrible head!

You must be 18 or older to purchase this product.

18 and older to purchase …okay.  But it looks like a lot of fun.


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