Mia’s Journal: Entry #100

Diary of a Teenaged Girl

Jan. 3

School was school.  I really did not want to go back, but it wasn’t too bad, mostly review today since we all just returned.  I don’t think the teachers like being back any more than I do.  

Chris looked amazing as usual.  I do admit it is good to be back just to see him.  I wish he would see me.  I could probably talk to him, but I am sure I would say something ridiculous or turn bright red or something.  Plus, it would be pretty random if I just walked up to him, I don’t usually talk to him.  Maybe we will get paired up with an assignment sometime?  Then I would have a reason to talk to him.

The semester is going to end in a couple of weeks.  I’m taking art next semester so I am looking forward to that.

Mia White
Age 15


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