Mia’s Journal: Entry #103

Diary of a Teenaged Girl

Jan. 28,

Snow Day!   We got a foot of snow.   I went sled riding with Molly and Connie at my grandparent’s house.  They have a small hill behind their house.   

We had a blast!   We made snow women that “looked” like us.  Our snow portraits?    My snowballs kept coming out uneven.  It looks like I have a large butt, with grass on it.   Molly found it very funny.  Then she deliberately gave her snow self big boobs.

Grandpa watches us from his chair inside.   He said it “made his day” and  “we were more fun to watch than television”.   I think he’s easily entertained.  But I’m glad it made him happy!

Mia White
Age 15


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