Mia’s Journal: Entry #105

Diary of a Teenaged Girl

Feb. 9

I got a chance to talk to Zack today.  He’s nice.  Quiet, but nice.   We were both walking home alone today and I got to say hello.    I don’t think he likes it here too much.   Maybe it will get better for him in a couple of months.  He is really good at art and he seems happy in that class, but he doesn’t talk to anyone.  His brother is completely opposite and doesn’t shut up.   He has been at our house a lot lately hanging with Michael playing games.   

Brianna was being a twit today.   I overheard her making fun of a couple of girls in our math class because they weren’t wearing make-up.  Seriously, what difference does it make?!

Mia White
Age 15


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