Mia’s Journal: Entry #46

Diary of a Teenaged Girl

May 3rd

Prom is in a few days.  I hope I can go… sometime.  I do have a couple of years yet.

I was at the mall with Connie and Molly.  We were looking for swimsuits and they had put out a bunch of gowns, so we tried a few on for fun.

There was one that was black and strapless.  The skirt was a black sheer fabric with a white skirt underneath, and the top had white flowers on it that trailed down to the hem.  It was a bit vintage-looking, but it was so pretty.  I didn’t look half bad in it either.  Someday!

I did find a swimsuit.  I don’t like to wear swimsuits much, but this one is pretty. It’s a deep purple one-piece, with a small ruffle at the bottom.  It’s cute and not too exposed.  I would feel so… naked in a bikini.  I wish I was brave enough to wear one, and I admire women who can.  It’s too uncomfortable for me.

I blush just thinking about it!

Mia White
Age 14


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