Mia’s Journal: Entry #97

Diary of a Teenaged Girl

December 28

I can tell the holiday spirit is wearing off of Michael, he’s being so annoying.  His friends were over yesterday and they were into everything.  It was bad enough that I actually wished I could go to school to get away from it.


The movies were interesting.  We went to see the new vampire movie and Chris was there with Ana.  He really didn’t strike me as a vampire and werewolf kind of guy.  But they weren’t really watching the movie and we were behind them so I had to watch them.  Kyle came too and he had his arm around Connie the whole time.  It was kind of awkward the whole way around.   Molly and I of moved over a couple of seats and sat together.  I think she could tell I was bummed out because she kept offering me popcorn and whispering funny stuff the whole way through the movie.  It turned out okay.  It was a good movie for the most part.  


I can’t believe that it is almost a new year.  Time to start getting my resolutions ready.

Mia White
Age 15


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