A Very Minecraft Christmas!


If you have a child chances are you have seen them play or have heard about the game Minecraft.

Everywhere I go I hear kids talking about it (and grown-ups too.) I’ve watched my son spend hours playing it. I’ve compiled a list of great Minecraft gift ideas for the fanatic in your life (or yourself, if that’s the case!)

You can’t go wrong with the tried and true foam Minecraft swords or pick-axes. (Well, unless you have a lot of breakables in your home!)

There are several version available now as well. You can find them in stores all over, but I’m using ones from Amazon for my examples.

First, we have the regular foam sword


Then the exclusive Diamond sword


Or if you really want to spend a lot of money, the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Minecraft sword


Foam Minecraft pickaxes come in the same varieties.

Here’s a regular foam Minecraft pickaxe



Those also come in a Diamond version



And, of course, the SDCC Exclusive Gold Pickaxe



Or you can just get a 2-pack with both a foam sword and a foam pickaxe and be done with it.



You can also get the light up Redstone Ore


If you prefer the cuddly side of evil you can get a plush Enderman


You could also get a squeezable baby Minecraft pig.  Who would want to turn this into bacon?


Of course, the infamous Minecraft Creeper.  Don’t worry — this one won’t explode if you touch it!


You can even get Minecraft USB drives

minecraft-usb-drive-creeper minecraft-usb-drive-pickaxe minecraft-usb-drive-sword

Maybe you are more into action figures.  They have the Creeper, Steve, Enderman, and the Zombie available.  You can buy them individually, as a survival set, or in a pack with all four!


For more playing action, they have all kinds of Minecraft papercraft sets! (So… Minecraft crafts.)


They have clothing, jewelry, hats, plush, cardboard heads, 6” vinyl figures, and more. Oh, and my personal favorite: The LEGO sets!

With the original set, and the new Nether and Village sets, you can spend hours building with actual Legos.  This is perfect, since the game reminds me of virtual LEGOs!

lego-minecraft-nether LEGO-Minecraft-Steve-Creeper Lego-Minecraft_Village


Let’s say you want to make your own gifts.  Well, there are pages and pages of info about how you can.  I have a Pinterest page just for this, and  you can see it here!

When it comes to Minecraft for this holiday season, there’s no shortage of great items.


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